Friday, December 24, 2010

Contigo Non Spill Travel Mugs on eBay

After I sold out of the travel mugs last January, So many customers wanted the Contigo autoseal travel mugs again.

It's been a long wait and finally they're now back in stock.

It's been worth the wait. 6 colours to choose from, rubberised grip and non slip base fits car cup holders.

Drinks stay hot for 4 hours, cold for 12.

It's a bit late arriving for Christmas, so treat yourself for those Winter Trips and Morning Commutes. 

You'll be glad you did and I promise this is the BEST Travel Mug you've ever had or your Money Back!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ping me on PingChat! -- for FREE!

As recommended by Suzie Perry on the gadgetshow. I'm all signed up and ready to see what this can do.

PingChat! sends text, photos, and other multimedia messages to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Download (for free!) at:

Then ping me on my ID: glowgadgets

Chat soon!


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rap News 5: Wikileaks & the war on journalism (ft. Julian Assange)

Check out this video on YouTube:

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I got the best specs from a supermarket!

Watching Rip Off Britain on tv, they're talking about spectacles and the average cost of manufacture of one lens is 25p. The mark up for glasses I'd huge.

For the record I just had my eyes tested and glasses made, for the first time in years, done properly first time. The cost for two pairs of high prescription glasses, thinned, anti scratch, uv coating was £50! For two pairs, amazing.

Got them in Asda and I'm well impressed. So now you know.

Thus is not an advert, I just wanted you to know.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Chris tingle service and safeflame candles

Here I am in church ( very rare occasion) supporting the local Chris tingle service.

The safeflame led taper candles have gone down a storm.

You can get them from

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My favorite Sleep Talk

This is a favorite clip from
Sleep Talk Recorder for iPhone.
To play this file in Windows,
please use QuickTime.

Visit to learn more about Sleep Talk Recorder.

Download now or listen on posterous
0001.caf (365 KB)

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So this is what I say in my sleep

I knew that I snored, but according to my wife, I talk loads too.

Sleep talk app let me record my ramblings and here's a short Clip.

There will be more to come I'm sure.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dave's 188lb catfish

Bloody hell Dave, I thought this was fotoshopped. Of course it isn't, but I bet you are well chuffed.

I'm told this is the biggest fish they have in this part of Spain.

Well done mate.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Starry, Starry Night by the Strobist.

Originally uploaded by strobist
I had to share this great photo of the sky at night.

Being blind as a bat, I look up at the night sky and try to imagin what folks with better eyes can see.

Then I realise, it's not me at all, its because I live in light polluted England.

Now this picture was taken at 8000 ft above sea level in Colorado, 20 miles from the nearest city (you can see the Orange light pollution on the bottom left).

I'd like this image blown up to 16x7 foot and have it cover my office wall.

Love it, bloody love it.

(Stars Singing) "Are the stars out tonight, I can't tell if its cloudy or bright.. La la la."

Friday, July 16, 2010

WARNING: The Truth about Stage Hypnosis by Chris Doc Strange

This morning I was using Google to search my own name and see what people are saying about me. The answer was nothing, as usual.

So I thought I would do a quick search for Comedy Hypnotist and see what comes up.

I followed a few links, looked at a couple of hypnotists websites which are very nice and make me slightly envious, only slightly.

Then I read a page that pissed me right off about certain hypnotists being better than others because of reasons I don't agree with.

So I have added a little page to my site that says what I think about all that and the nonsense it encourages.

Honestly, some people think its a good way to get bookings by slagging off the competition. It's not you know, it's pathetic, childish and if needs be, I can do it much better.

I won't though, I am above all that. I am stood on a box.

Read it and see what you think

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I lost my iPhone Today, then found it again. Phew.

I'm very relieved to have found my phone after running around like a man possessed trying to find it.

I got a great case to protect it and since having this case I have dropped the phone 5 times. Before having the case I hadn't dropped it once. So its a good thing the Otterbox Defender really does protect the iPhone from drops, dirt and mishaps.

Though it does'nt help that I got the Black case (read that as "Invisible to a Blint Twat like me") and couldn't see where I had dropped it. The belt clip seemed a good idea at first, its not as grippy as I would have liked, everytime its been dropped, its becase its fallen out of the holder. Yes, it was facing the right way, screen to hip. Anyway, I had no idea where it was. I called the phone but it was out of reach.

Was it at the school, on the road, in the class room, under the seat of my car, god where is it?

Thinking that some evil wizzzkid was at that moment hacking it to my trusty 3GS and finding pictures of my dick and other such blackmail material.

Luckly I found the phone under a bunch of flowers and the pictures were safe, if not purely imaginary.

Though they could have been real, but if I ever want to see the little feller, I only.. Well, I don't need a picture put it that way. I'm not that fat.
When I get so big I can't see it, I'll rely on memory as it what it looks like, god help me.

Mmm, maybe I should take some pictures of it, for the future, just in case..

If only the iPhone 3GS had a decent camera...

And a Macro Lens.

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Cycled from Pisa 25th June to Villa San Giovanni 6th July

Personally, I can't wait to see photos, but for some reason the guys are having difficulty sending them. But hey, they are going great guns managing 60 miles a day which is awesome.


<br /><small>View Larger Map</small>

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

She's loving this movie

Hasn't moved a muscle since the ads. Is this normal? She watches more tv than I do!


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My Dog Loves Bad Boys

Look at her, I swear she has square eyes.


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Bike2Egypt Boys Set Off

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Bike2Egypt Boys

We have been chatting.


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nestlé Killer - Give the orang-utan a break | Greenpeace UK

Nestlé don't want you to see the video above, because they complained to Youtube that we were infringing their copyright. Youtube removed the video but now we'd like to offer it to you, as a gift. Download the video and put it on your favourite video sharing site. The more people who join in, the more interesting we'll make it for Nestlé.

And we all like a break, so it's time to give orang-utans one. Nestlé uses palm oil in Kit Kat and many other products which is bought from suppliers that destroy rainforests in Indonesia to grow their plantations.

As a result, threatened species like orangutans are being pushed into extinction and huge quantities of greenhouse gases are being released, accelerating climate change.

Nestlé have so far refused to stop buying palm oil from the worst suppliers, so it's time to make them change their minds.

Write to CEO Paul Bulcke to demand they act responsibly and cease trading with companies that are destroying Indonesia's rainforests.


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Friday, March 26, 2010

Doc Won Cheese at Bristwestival & heres his Taste test.

Check out this video on YouTube:

I just showed this video to my wife because she wanted to know why I'd swapped the cheese with my mate from Oz.

I've not seen Jane laugh like that at any of my other videos. I'm not sure what she finds so funny.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just George Wilson Beatbox Drum n Bass Didgeridoo [Multitasking Man]

George is available for events, festivals and parties. Now booking, call for details.

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GlowGadgets Led Lenser L7 - £19.95

Led Lenser L7 High Power LED Lightweight Torch

What can I say, the Led Lenser L7 is a cheap, plastic version of the Amazing P7. It's probably been made with the cheapskate in mind as it does very much a similar job as the P7 on output, with only High Power.

There is no low power and the focus is changed by twisting (al la Police Tech Focus).

The output is really very good and as the torch is lightweight I keep one in my Response pack for emergencies.

It's a nice torch, just, well, plastic.

* 650ft beam range
* High Intensity CREE LED Light Chip
* Maximum intensity - 100 Lumens
* Polycarbonate casing
* Rear Tail Cap Switch
* Spot to flood focus simply by twisting the head of the torch

Burn Time Up to 85 hours Dimensions 145x34mm Weight XXX Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries ED C-LED Length 130mm Weight 140g Lumens 110 Batteries 3x AA Beam distance 200m Burning time 40h Switch On/Off Item no. ZL7008

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gutted I've missed the Banachek lecture

This is the view out my b&b window .

Finally, I feel human enough to get moving.

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Heavy night, noisy neibours and a sore head

This is just what I needed after 4 hours interupted sleep.

sadly, I'm not man enough to go out just yet. I've got some sleep to catch up on and hopefully the noisy tw@ts next door willhave gone to bed at last. Then I shall plan my revenge.

Great to see so many friends last night, i couldn't get away from the Ruskin, everytime I tried, the pulled me back in.

Hello to everyone, thanks for making me so welcome , again.

Here's to another funpacked day.

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Ken Webster @ Chris Doc Strange

Having a drink in the Ruskin with Tara and Steve.

#bpmc #magic #blackpool #kenwebster #hypnotist

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Friday, February 19, 2010

I've arrived in Blackpool, at last.

Phew, what a drive that was.
I set off from Bristol at 13.20 and finally arrived in Blackpool at 21.17.

Manic roads, mad drivers, bad weather, accidents, road works, you name it.

Still, now I know my car uses a lot less fuel driving 182 miles at 22mph.

I'm having an early night, long weekend ahead and as much as I would love to be out and about tonite, it wouldn't do anyone any favors.

Bright and early in the morning.

I shall broadcast as soon as I've had breakfast.


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Upgrade Your Webslang To Web 2.0 (Technology & Cars: Social Networking)

This video came out 2 years ago, I've only just seen it and sadly, it's more true than ever.

The probelm is similar to that of the CB radio of years gone by.

As new people came on the CB, they listened and learned from the people using it at the time. In the beginning it was people who respected the technology and the abbility to speak to new people across town, county, country or World, depending on "How big your Twig was" (the size of your Antenna), "How many Wellies you were Chucking" (The amount of power being produced by your Transmitter) and if you were using a Sidebander or Foot and Mouth (Single Side Band, SSB or Frequency Modulation, FM as your choosen method of Transmission)

Then, as people died off or got board with the Muppets, Planks, Phantom Keyers, Bucket Mouths and CBDJS more people came with the idea that this was the norm.

And so, Muppet begat Muppet.

Thus, CB radio became a sad place to be and as such, died out.

I wonder if this is the same thing, people using slang and phrases that really should have died out post dial up and yet, here we are in the same boat.

This video and a few others by the same folks at Videojug seem to be a Portent that we should listen to, on the Internets will become an even bigger cess pit that it is now.

Just sayin.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting things to work how you like it...

Can be a pain when you don;t really know what you're doing.

The idea is to set up this page to feed the new WP blog with interesting stuff.

When I know it works, then I'm good to go at Blackpool.

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GlowGadgets Outdoor Survival Snugpak Passport Delux tickets, money and document bag DocsPack 8211653940106

 Snugpak Passport Deluxe Tickets Documents Phone Wallet
Click to enlarge
 Snugpak Passport Deluxe Tickets Documents Phone Wallet
Click to enlarge

Item #:  

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 February, 2010.


Item Description

The Snugpak Passport Delux tickets, money and document bag (DocsPack) 8211653940106

The Delux is a well made travel bag thats small enough to be worn over the shoulder and UNDER your jacket.

Containing all the travel essentials including, but not limited to: Passports, Tickets, Money, ID, Phone, Credit Cards, Toothbrush & a small paperback.

Just added this great little Passport bag to my DocsPack section on GlowGadgets. £6.95, makes a great Valentines give for the travelling man.

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