Saturday, March 22, 2008

Earth Hour - 29th March at 8pm

PLEASE sign up for Earth Hour,

29th March at 8pm, switch off your Lights for an hour (and anything else you fancy) and See how a little Action by One Person can be Transformed in to A GLOBAL Action by Many.

So far its 25 that have joined through me :o)

This newsletter goes out to nearly 3000 people, I'd be disspointed if I didn't get at least 100 people to do it.

I know I don't need to bribe you :o)


Happy Easter!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Quick Word About EGGS at Easter

Eggs, I love em. The yummy things you can make with eggs are many, but where do these eggs come from?

If you say a Chicken, I swear I will slap you.

Do you buy CHEAP eggs, you know "Battery Farmed" eggs? If you say yes, then let me point you in this direction: Visit The Battery Hen Welfare Trust

They would love to show you how you can NOT BUY BATTERY EGGS as it's just WRONG!

BUT Maybe you buy your eggs and make sure it says FREE RANGE on the box, good for you, so do I.
I always felt good doing that, knowing the cute little hens are having a whale of a time, running round in the fields and bushes, laying eggs with gay abandon and being generally happy little layers.

BUT WAIT... What about all the stuff you eat that is MADE WITH HIDDEN EGGS, like Bread, Pasta, Custard Tarts, Cakes, Ready Meals, Baby Food & CHOCOLATE etc..

Where do those eggs come from? Do you think they use the more expensive (and morally correct) FREE RANGE EGGS, or maybe they use BATTERY FARMED EGGS.

Hmm, what do you think?

Well, you're not going to like the answer see the List of Hen Friendly Products it's short, too short.

I've only just learned this myself, so I had to help pass on the word. If you already know, then I'm sure you're doing the same sort of thing, like ADOPTING an Ex Battery Hen (Rescued just before the are killed). YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ONE YOURSELF, though they do make lovely pets (who actually earn their keep by feeding you) So I'm told.

Anyway, have a look, pass it on and this EASTER, think about the Battery Farmed Egg that has gone into that Cadburys Cream Egg you're munching on.

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