Friday, September 19, 2008

LED LENSER P7 Review by Vaughan Williams

A good customer of mine wrote this about the New Led Lenser P7 torch and compared it to his other torch the Fenix TK10.

I love hearing from my customers about the products they get from me, and how they get on, I hope you enjoy his little review as did I.

"This is a good light and more practical than the TK10 for general security work.  Having an adjustable spot to flood control that can be operated single-handed is very useful on internal and external patrol routes in poorly or non-lit zones.  (Increasing power costs and carbon footprint awareness are making reduced lighting more of a norm)


I found the higher power mode more useful than the lower power but low power flood will provide plenty of light for writing notes onto clipboards (for instance) without dazzling yourself.  The P7 is a little heavier and larger than the TK10.  It has much less side spill than the TK10 and therefore it produces a spot that appears the more powerful.

The P7 has two power modes but, so I found out, when the momentary switch is pushed it over-drives to about 130% which brings the total lumen output to near the same as the TK10 in turbo mode.  Release the switch and it reduces to either the standard low or high power setting depending on the switch cycle.  Therefore, for power fetishists, the P7 is the equal of the TK10 in terms of output and it has a tighter focus making it the brighter.

A set of AAA batteries are more likely to be had at an all night fuel station than a set of the more costly CR123a cells if you were to be caught out of juice.  The P7’s AAAs should last longer too.

The TK10 feels more like a tank than the P7 and because of this and the crenulated head it would make for a better defensive weapon if the going ever gets tough.  So, if your work tends to be similar to Jack Bauer’s with fire-fights to do and lots of hand to hand conflict scheduled in then go for the TK10 but if like me the main hazards of your job tend to be clouting your head or tripping over unseen obstacles and the main purpose is to do security checks in safety then go for the P7.

Er, I carry a TK10 on my belt too - because, well, you never know, do you?"

Do you have something to say about any of my products or service? Good or Bad, I'd like to read it.

Thanks again to Vaughan.

Led Lenser P7

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wifi Hotspot Finder Watch - DEMO -

At a press of the button the Wifi hotspot finder watch seeks out the nearest wireless hotspot and shows you the signal strength of what is available.


" It's functional, attractive, lightweight, waterproof, useful, very reasonably priced and does exactly what it says on the tin."
I'll give it 10/10

• Watch Features: Chronograph. Countdown. Alarm. Hourly Chime. Dual Time. Lap Memory.
• Wifi Detection
• Detects interference intensity of 2.4ghz signal
• Detects AP stations over 100 metres outdoors
• Anti-static and Shock Proof
• 100 Metres Water-Resistant


Save Net Radio - Save Pandora

Started listening to Pandora in the early Noughties, and it opened up a World of music that I wouldn't have known I'd loved.
For me, Pandora was an Education as well as enjoyment. Never having to listen to vacuous DJ's drivel on about nothing and without  annoying adverts was also a massive plus.
My taste in music was moulded and I went out and bought the music when I knew I loved it.
Pandora gave listeners a chance to find what they liked, then buy it. Just like the Vinyl Sound booths we used to have in the record shops, this times I could takes as long as I liked to find out what I wanted.
When I buy something, I usually get the chance to try it out first, then take it homes and if I don't like it, or it breaks, Take it back.
Pandora gave me the opportunity to try it out and I always bought something.
Since Pandora was refused to anyone outside the US, I have been lost. I have gone back to NO MUSIC when I am at my desk, which, working from home can be 14 hours a day.
Pandora gave me variety, surprises and at times just cheered me up.
Music is created by a person so it can be heard, then suits came along and as with everything they asked "How can we profit from this?" And so the talentless suck the life out of the Talented.
Every musician I know would be glad to give their music away if it meant more people could enjoy it and they would be appreciated/recognised. If they hit the big time then people would be happy to PAY to see them PLAY and buy merchandise etc. Nothing wrong in that.
This beautiful World of ours is being RAPED buy Greedy Corporations in the name of all that is Good for You, and now, they are taking away our simple pleasures for profit too.
F**k em I say, turn the radio off, turn the TV off, sing your own songs and communicate with your fellow man, least we forget how to. Go back to live entertainment. Take those sodding earphones out and hum your own tune.
Grr, I'm losing it. All because I lost the love of my life (after my family) Pandora.
Pandora, where the only thing left for humanity was HOPE.
Pandora, where the music played would do so much more for the artist than without.
I've seen radio go from playing for the love of it, to complete commercialisation. Pandora is a Beacon of Hope. Long live Pandora, long life Artistic Freedom.
Help Save Net Radio, PLEASE.

Love, Light, Magic & Laughter

Thursday, August 07, 2008


The Meade 20-60x60 is a Fully Coated Waterproof Spotting Scope and is an excellent starter Spotting Scope at an affordable price.
I have used many different Spotting Scopes over the years, and for the price, the Meade produces quality images that far surpass much more expensive models.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Biker in India Sends SMS Text While Riding Handsfree on Motorway (Dickhead)

When he eventually Crashes his motorbike due to complete Stupidity,
What'll be the first thing to go through this guys mind?

I reckon it'll be his phone.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

I don't get out much, but I do go to the movies.
Last night I was off to see "Wanted", paid for my ticket and was late as usual, so ran to the screen, got in there the movie had started. I'd missed the first ten minutes. Bugger.

So I sat down and within 30 seconds I realised two things:

1/ I was loving this movie already
2/ it was not the movie I came to see.

in my haste, I'd run into the wrong screen (div) and here I was watching Jackie Chan as his Drunken Master kicking the shit out of countless bad guys on a dirt track somewhere in China.

Then Jet Li as the Monkey King, wow. I was Smiling all the way through this movie.
Laughing alot too.

I grew up watching "Monkey" and I really thought it was him for a minute. (I know, I'm soft in the head)

If you love Kung Fu (you've probably seen this already) go to see the two Legends of Martial Arts movies knocking the crap out of each other, or as they would tell it, Sparring.

Fair play, there were nods to Bruce Lee too, like when teaching their Student I heard the Taoist teachings of Jeet kune do.

One of the best martial arts movies I've seen, not just chop socky, but the acting, direction, storyline, effects, cgi and wirework was all tastefully done and made a very well rounded movie. It was so good, I kept wondering why I could understand them talking and at times thinking "Havn't they Sync'd the lips well?"
I was glad to hear some Manderin once in a while.

Oh, and for what its worth, I thought Michael Angarano who was in "Sky High", was excellent, an odd chioce it would seem, but I loved the twist on the original epic story "Journey to the west"

Go see it.

5 Stars

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Monday, July 07, 2008

We Got Married at Last

About time I posted somthing, I can't belive its been three months since I last wrote.
I feel awful about it, my poor blog, starving all that time.

Sorry Blog!

Jane and Me got married early May, thats why we had family come visit us, it was hectic and the best few days of our lives. Certainly the wedding was a hit and not one fight broke out, which is unusual for weddings these days.

Happily Married at last, never thought it would happen, or having kids, but thank heavens it did.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What to do when family comes to town (Party of course)

My family is coming to visit and I will probably be getting drunk with my Dad for the first few days, so don’t expect me to answer the phone (at least Don’t expect me to make any sense if I do) He's coming all the way from South Africa, I'll be picking him up in the Morning (Yawn, that's 5 hours from now).

The only time we see each other is when we use Skype, I'm not sure is he looks that Pixelated in real life or not.

I might even post a picture of me and my Dad together, that will give you a laugh!
Checkout the new links on the website, stay tuned to our shenanigans.


The New Fenix Shipment is On the way!!

But New Orders made from 29th to the 9th will have to wait until my family have left the building (I work from home, not many rooms, I’ll let you figure it out!)

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, but to be honest, I’ll be bloody glad of the rest and I’m looking forward to it.

Now where did I put that Tequila?

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Company Trademarks - Unintentional Uses

You know, when a company with a trade name contacts me by sending a letter, (usually a sheet of paper and a second class stamp.) It had better be important, I have an email address your know.

I got one today from the Corporate Councel of a Thermal Flask company, sent by FedEx (Extremly Urgent) from Rolling Meadows, IL, USA. Telling me not to use their trade name.

I had no idea their tradename was even in the Copy of this product (Brugo).
Fair enough, If they don't want me to use it, no worries.


This Letter used 4 sheets of paper, 1 envelope & a Cardboard envelope PLUS had travelled 3865 Miles by Plane, Train & Automobile (Actually, you can double this as a copy was also sent to my Registered Office too!) They had to pay extra for the speedy, signed for delivery and someone to type it out (and print out the web shots of my pages)

All they had to do was drop me an email and say
"Hello Doc, you're using our trade name, could you stop it please? Unless you would like to sell our insulated flask & travel mug products, then we would be happy to supply you."

Heck, I would have been pleased to hear from them, I've liked their products for years, I used to think they made great stuff.

A bit of Advice though. Next you want me, email, call or text. I'm a very helpful guy, and this was the wrong way to do things. I have feelings you know.

Yes, OK, it got the name off my website, but come on. You had only to ask and think if what you would have saved.

So much for your company having Zero Carbon Emmisions this year huh!.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Earth Hour - 29th March at 8pm

PLEASE sign up for Earth Hour,

29th March at 8pm, switch off your Lights for an hour (and anything else you fancy) and See how a little Action by One Person can be Transformed in to A GLOBAL Action by Many.

So far its 25 that have joined through me :o)

This newsletter goes out to nearly 3000 people, I'd be disspointed if I didn't get at least 100 people to do it.

I know I don't need to bribe you :o)


Happy Easter!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Quick Word About EGGS at Easter

Eggs, I love em. The yummy things you can make with eggs are many, but where do these eggs come from?

If you say a Chicken, I swear I will slap you.

Do you buy CHEAP eggs, you know "Battery Farmed" eggs? If you say yes, then let me point you in this direction: Visit The Battery Hen Welfare Trust

They would love to show you how you can NOT BUY BATTERY EGGS as it's just WRONG!

BUT Maybe you buy your eggs and make sure it says FREE RANGE on the box, good for you, so do I.
I always felt good doing that, knowing the cute little hens are having a whale of a time, running round in the fields and bushes, laying eggs with gay abandon and being generally happy little layers.

BUT WAIT... What about all the stuff you eat that is MADE WITH HIDDEN EGGS, like Bread, Pasta, Custard Tarts, Cakes, Ready Meals, Baby Food & CHOCOLATE etc..

Where do those eggs come from? Do you think they use the more expensive (and morally correct) FREE RANGE EGGS, or maybe they use BATTERY FARMED EGGS.

Hmm, what do you think?

Well, you're not going to like the answer see the List of Hen Friendly Products it's short, too short.

I've only just learned this myself, so I had to help pass on the word. If you already know, then I'm sure you're doing the same sort of thing, like ADOPTING an Ex Battery Hen (Rescued just before the are killed). YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ONE YOURSELF, though they do make lovely pets (who actually earn their keep by feeding you) So I'm told.

Anyway, have a look, pass it on and this EASTER, think about the Battery Farmed Egg that has gone into that Cadburys Cream Egg you're munching on.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Skyfire Mobile Browser - The Real Web on Your Phone (Blimey)

Skyfire - whatever is on the page, you can see it and use it on your phone.

Flash, Java, Youtube, CNN, the lot.

It's in Private Beta at the moment and you need a USA Mobile number to use it, but it should be coming here soon.

Can't wait.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hypnotised Beatbox Dancer

"I just love beatboxing (olskool style) and this just makes me chuckle everytime I do it."
Filmed during Freshers week and the University of the West of England student union.

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Be it Digital Camera, Macbook, Laptop, Pair of jeans, MP3 or Ham & Cheese Butties.
Movie player, Video camera, Bottle of Water, Bike lock or Toothbrush.
It needs to be carried about safely and not all BackPacks are equal.

There are many choices out there, but which one? Let me help.

Over the years I've carried various packs from Rucksacks to Dufflebags, Daysacks to Hydropacks, Pizza Bags to Record Bags to Tesco's bags. Some have been to the far side of the Earth with me, others just up the road and back.

If it's any good, I'll let you know about it, and heck I'll even sell it to you (That's why I'm here after all).
But if I've never used it, travelled with it or relied upon it, you won't find it here.

Welcome to, Tried, Tested & Trusted by Doc.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

HTC TyTn II, Tilt, Kaiser - Jesus it's slow

Most connected phone I've ever had, it's cool.

BUT, it's bloody slow and it seems its not my imagination, that my old XDA is faster.

Turns out HTC have been naughty and not bothered to provide uptodate drivers for their new toys, that are not cheap, and supposed to be Multimedia devices.

Video playback is painful and webpages are cumbersome.

Seems theres a place where folks are meeting to gang up on HTC to try and get them to sort it out with some updates, wanna Join in the fun. Let have us a Lynching Boys.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Docs Pack - Wenger Synergy Computer Backpack (What it Holds)

I've had many emails asking me about the pack I use on my travels, I'm a bit of a pack tart, but this is the one that has the most storage and padding.
Plus, its done almost 20k miles with me last year alone, not bad and is always accepted as hand luggage (even on a tiny Aegean Airplane, notice the backpack in the picture)

Its amazing what I can fit in this thing... great bag.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The CES was amazing, as usual, I didn't have time to write.

OK, anyone who knows me, knows I can be a bit of a dick. I don't mean to be, I try hard not to be, I just am. As such, I do things that only a dick would do. Like, spend the whole of the CES promising to write all about it so the odd reader could find out what I was up to, if anyone cared.

Thing is, I was too busy walking, talking and finding gadgets that I don't want to write about. Not because they're not great, they're just not for sale on yet :o)

I mean, I'm not a Total Dick!

One thing that would have helped me keep up with the whole blogging thing would have been a team of writers and background staff. This would have been most helpful.
But one guy, trying to find stuff to put in my shop, doesnt stand a chance against the Hoards of Bloggers that fell upon the CES in their hundreds (mostly from the same company)

Note to self: Get a Press Pass next year, and never pay for anything else again.

The other thing that would have helped would have been the special Blogging rooms that had been set up for Professional Bloggers. Rooms that have WiFi, Faxes, Telephones, FOOD and Drink. Comfy chairs no doubt too.

I did see one guy from a well known publication (Hi Scott!) who was at the conference for the first time and had bright red cheeks, full of sweat and a full backback. I don't know if he was trying to get as many interviews down before he typed them up in the bloggers room, or he was just tired out from carrying round all those Freebies.

I estimated that I walked 20 miles a day there. I do five miles in 2 hours at a slow pace, so it has to be 20, easy. My feet have just stopped throbbing a week later.
Heck, I've only just recovered, though I do seem to have a mild case of Narcolepsy and even today can't seem to keep my eyes open.

The flight is 11 hours back to front, not including the 8 hour time difference, the transfers and waiting round. Jetlag is not to be sniffed at, people that joke about it really have no idea what they are on about.

Still, I'm home now, I've got some great products on the way and my product line is changing a little, for the better. You'll see...

Coming up next, the bag I took.

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Lucky, got the darn thing out... Phew (Jawbone BT Headset)

Thank goodness for that, I really couldn't be doing with using the other method of attachment again.

It was fiddly, but the piece of metal was finally coaxed out of its hole.

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Bluetooth Headsets - Can't live with em, can't make em last!

Who the hell is responsible for making bluetooth headsets?

I've gone through 4 of them in the last 12 months, all exept the one that just vanished have broken within days.

The culprit, the Ear loop.

Nothing wrong with the headset, works perfectly, only thing is I can't attach it to my head unless I use Duct tape & a six inch nail.

The first to go was the Siemens, lastest me the longest (a month) but when the ear loop went (bit of plastic clippy round thing attached to a rubber hook), there was nothing I could do but retire it to a drawer.

Then there was the Jabra, cute thing, rubber ear loop (that slipped into a hole that kind of rotated), took it out of my pocket and the loop had snapped. So much for the rubber, it was encased a very fragile metal.

Third was the Plantronics (Looked like a torpedo, about the same size too), got it from Vodafone for Free and it was the most comfortable and worked like a dream, for two days. Never seen it since.

Finally, while at the CES in Vegas and I see a Jawbone stand offering a Free Jawbone headset if you can give in your old one. Only to happy to oblige, I borrowed a claw hammer and popped the Jabra off the side of my head after peeling away the duct tape. Result, nice new, noise cancelling Headset, for Free.

Over the moon.

To be fair, even though it was given to me, and it is a very cool BT headset.
It bloody well broke today (after 11 days).

For heavens sake, the earloop has snapped and flush with the body of the headset.

So now I have to try and poke the snapped bit of metal out of the hole and use one of the other spare earloops (thanks Jawbone, at least You thought of that, spare earloops & shaped earpieces)

What am I supposed to do, walk round with the sodding thing on my ear all the time to protect it, is it not safe in my pocket, why are these things so fragile?

Where am I supposed to keep it? Hung round my neck?


Someone has got to have had similar problems, or is it just me?
Maybe I such a complete dick that I shouldn't be allowed within a hundred yards of a Blue tooth earpiece. I should get a restraining order slapped on my head "No BT Headset is safe near this idiot"

OK, I'm gonna try and fix it...

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

3rd Space fps gaming vest - CES 2008

get pounded on your oown terms. real feedback when shot or hurt.

Posted by ShoZu

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Panasonic 150 inch Plasma + 1" thick 50 HD Televisions - CES 2008

Panasonic really know how to do Plasma TV's, now that 50 inch is tasty, 1 inch thick, groovy.

But whats this round the corner?

OMG, its HUGE, I'd never get that in my House, never mind on the wall.

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Will the real Chris Taylor please stand up!

There I am, trying to figure out some complicated game, no clue what to do, shoving the guy to me aside complaining that I am too thick to play this bloody thing.
When I hear a voice exclaim "Not another Chris Taylor"
I said "I am aware of several Chris Taylors, one is a Comedy Writer, one is a Gay Porn star (I'm told), one is a Game Designer and the other is some knob end from the UK, which one are you?"
He said I had to guess (his show badge was reversed), "erm, You don't look like a porn star, though you do look a bit gay, say something funny... Nope you can't be the comedy writer, or the knob end from the uk, thats me, so you must be the game bloke. Seeing as we are at the CES, in a Gaming Lounge, stood next to a game with your name on it" You know, it's spooky, I could almost be related to Sherlock Holmes!

Now he thinks I'm a genius and I know for a fact he is a genius (read his bio).

Funny old world.

Shame he's not the writer though, I am desperate for some material!

Here's some more Chris Taylors

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BMW Sauber F1 Team doing Donuts at CES 2008

There's somthing about that F2 driver...

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Supernatural feat the Hip Hop Opera for Sandisk - CES 2008

Improve rap, dangerous breakdance, Oldskool beatbox & Turntablism.

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3rd Space FPS Gaming Jacket - CES 2008

First person shooters will never be the same, now you can feel the Bullets slamming into your body.

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Doc meets Rapper D.M.C - CES 2008

DMC, as in Run D.M.C, cool huh. I was stood gawking at some new gadgets, tuned to my right and looked up, I realised it was the man himself. Well chuffed.

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3rd Space FPS Gaming Jacket - CES 2008

This attractive jacket allows gamers to Feel when they have been shot, hit, stabbed and beaten. Great, play a game and come away black and blue.

It really feels as though you are being prodded wherever the damage is done in the game.

Made by TN Games, the 3rd space FPS jacket "Must be felt" to be belived.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Doc Strange Meets Penn & Teller in Vegas

After years of enjoying their shows on TV, I finally get to see live and meet the anarchic magicians
Penn & Teller
. They have their own theatre at the Rio casino in Las Vegas.
It seats around 1000, all veiwing angles are great, no blind spots, very plush, seats are comfortable too.

I thought $85 Dollars was a bit steep for a show, but when you consider how much other shows in Vegas are, it's the norm , I'd hoped to get some kind of Perfomers discount, no chance.

I had to get in theatre an hour before the show started, their warm up guy is called Mike Jones, he's a Jazz Pianist. Very good, if not slightly mental. I wondered if he was related to Spike Jones, certainly seemed that way.

Penn & Teller started their show with Teller coming out on Stage with his head encased in a block of concrete. He must have been drinking all night and woke up with a heavy head!

All kinds of tricks and illusions happend, nothing amazed me more than their wonderful use of misdirection.

From Dancing tissue paper to cups and balls with see through cups, a Book test using joke books to their knife throwing routine.

My favorite has to be the "Magic Bullet" illusion, mind blowing everytime. I'd like to think I have gto it figured out, but it would mean paying to see them again to confirm I'm right, and to be honest I'd rather believe in the magic.

Funny, Entertaining and Teller's version of "Misers Dream" is just beautiful and very Magical. Easily the most magical, effective and enjoyable of this rountine, ever.

Pay $95 for a VIP ticket (non left when I went) and you get a Program (worth $10!) and you get picked on to help in the show.


PS: Rio do a great Carnival World buffet too ($13.99 Midweek, $23.99 Saturday + TAX).
Make sure to get the "Whats on" magazine beforehand and theres a coupon for a Free 10oz Matured Aberdeen Angus Steak. Best steak Ive had since the one at the Luxor two years ago (that cost me $65!!)

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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Posted by ShoZu

Late Night, Early Start...

didn't take to long to get to the airport, I should have gone to bed early though. still, I should sleep on the plane. ha ha, I say that every time. plenty of geeks knocking round the place, wonder where they're going?

Posted by ShoZu

Friday, January 04, 2008

CES 2008 Pictures & Movies

All images and movies I take will be online as soon as I take em.

Visit Flickr for all the CES pics and YouTube for the Movies

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gadget Bag Packing, two days to go til Vegas

OK, I'm still testing everything here, making sure I don't take more than I need.

Last time I went to Vegas I had a massive suitcase full of crap I didn't need.

This time I.m just taking hand luggage. No big case for me.

Heck I travelled the world with nothing more than a rucksack, what the hell is wrong with me lately, I pack everything I need and more.

I've had enough, this time I'm going light.

One bag, barely full.

What have a decided on thus far?, thanks for asking, I'll tell you.

My MacBook, Pentax Optio S5i (getting on a bit, but works a treat), Kaiser, AV500 (well I love my movies), Fenix P2D 100 & L0D 80, Jeans x 2, T-shirts x 3, Jacket, Boots, Socks x 3, Boxers x 3, Spare Glasses & Contacts (disposable), Memory cards, Reader, Charger, Powermonkey, travel adapter, tolietries (toothbrush, paste and smelly stuff) & a good book (preferably a lightweight paperback.

Looks a lot written down, Im sure it will be fine...


I know I'll come back with more though!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hydrogen Technology

Imagine using water as a means to power your car.

Just water, nothing else. WTF?

Check this out, I am slightly lost for words.

Check out the website
, tell me its true, I just can't seem to get my head around this one.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Start of somthing Beautiful

Breathe in deeply and enjoy the stale smell of beer, farts & fireworks.
Wonderful, the DT's are finally settling down and the head is starting to clear.

So this is 2008 eh?
Bring it on

(after I've had a lie down)

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Happy Newt Year

Yesh I am quite drunk, so what has it to do withh youu?
I am just wishing you an vwey happy newt yeat and and a lovely something.

How mushc did I have do tdink>?

Fyck iyt, I am goinmh yo bed, you lut gave domne my head it an finys time for a sleep, goodnighty.

Love Doc,

XXx Mwa Mwa Mwaa Xxx

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