Saturday, July 14, 2007

PLEN the Desktop Robot playing Football

I saw this little guy at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2007 (I know, ages ago...I'm bloody busy alright!).

Plen, the small but most intelligent robot, prefers your desktop as a den.

With the motion building software exclusively for plen, you can create your original motion and the possibilities are endless because some plen can already enjoy roller skating and riding the skateboard.

Controlled by Bluetooth by using your mobile phone or pc.

You can program your own movements or use the preprogrammed motions.

Cost? Around £2000, bargain!

Sub Bass at the CES Car Audio Show - Part 2

After seeing Mad Mike I decided to listen around for More Bass, that was slightly more affordable.

Found these GR Cabs doing their stuff.

Heck, I'll take Fifty of em!

Pimp My Ride - Mad Mike & Some Serious Bass - CES Vegas 2007

The Organisers of the CES Car Show would only allow 10 seconds per hour as the bass was so loud and deep.

We saw everyone waiting around the stand and had no idea why, so like good people, we waited too!

We found out within a minute or so why we were waiting. Good God!

The sound on the video can't do it justice. I had a coffee in my hand and only stopped filming when I realised the bass had made me spill most of it down my pants. Either that or I pissed myself.