Monday, March 05, 2007

Too much paperwork

Too much paperwork
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When will it end, where is this paperless office I was promised 20 years ago?

I have stock to take and books to keep, its nearly the end of our financial year and am I ready for the next one?

The phone is off the hook, so forget calling me this week. The website is merrily taking orders though, to be fullfilled next week.

I'm so glad I use recycled paper or I would feel so guilty.

Now I want an electric car too, something like the GM EV1, only that hasn't been crushed into oblivion by evil doers.

You see, I watched the movie this week "Who Killed The Electric Car" and I'm gutted that such a great car would be destroyed because of greed.

See the film, it does for the Petrochemical Industry and Car Manufacturers what "Super Size Me" did for Burgers.

Did I mention I need a break...