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The Striker VG Flashlight

Digital Luxeon Tactical Torch & Non Lethal Self Defence Tool!

Led Logic - Striker VG

This is the most Awesome Flashlight I have ever owned, and for an Luxeon it knocks most Xenon's on their Ass. For size, throw, function and build quality, it's unbeatable. I believe the Striker VG is the new benchmark for all Luxeon Flashlights

FIVE things you Must know about the Striker VG

1/ Pure White Light

2/ Enormously Long Throw

3/ No Bigger than a Mini Maglite in Length

4/ More Power Effective Than Xenon Lights

Disorientating Digital Strobe

new STRIKER-VG LED tactical flashlight is exclusively designed
for Law Enforcement, Military, Border Patrol, Corrections and Security
and those civilians who desire a Non-Lethal Self Defense tool against intruders or aggressive attackers.

Striker VG Side

Enlarge Striker VG image

sets the STRIKER VG apart from standard flashlights is its extremely
high output
and realistic color definition. Color definition is critical
when searching for contraband or illuminating subjects where color identification
is important. This is accomplished by our specially developed, patented
optic that is perfectly matched to the up to 5 watts output Luxeon
and a Digitally Enhanced power management system with patented

The STRIKER VG a multi-faceted tactical illumination & lighting tool that not only provides optimal
brightness but also a uniquely programmed and field-tested high-powered
strobe light. This feature may momentarily disorient and temporarily blind
the aggressor. Ultimately, it may cause them to turn away, ensuring you
the upper hand to either Apprehend, Immobilize or Escape.

Striker VG Serial Individually Numbered

Enlarge Individual Serial Number


1. Powerful Strobe Light

2. Power booster to LED maintains maximum output as batteries diminish

3. Collimator Optic for superior distance and illumination

4. Luxeon LED with up to 5 watts output

5. Body is formed from T-6 Billet Aircraft grade aluminum

6. Two CR123 Lithium 3V batteries (10 year shelf life) included

7. Waterproof in 25 feet of water for 30 minutes

8. Shock resistant

9. Designed for weapons mount

10. Multi-function switch modes

Striker VG Closeup

Enlarge Close Up of Striker VG


The STRIKER VG is designed for multifunction, single-handed operation. The
following switch modes can be instantly initiated with single button operation,
which is extremely important in “on demand” situations. This is accomplished
through a sophisticated “Digital Microprocessor”.


Press and hold for any length of time for momentary on, release for off.
Perfect for tactical use.

2. Double Click rapidly for strobe at any time. Click and release for

3. Click once then quickly press-hold (~ 1 sec.) for constant on at highest
output, indicated by steady light.

4. Continued holding after constant-on activation (> 1 sec.) causes
dimming and give 2-3 seconds for the light to display the range of outputs
available, cycling through them repeatedly. Release at desired level.
Click and release for off.

Striker VG in Holster

Enlarge Holster image


feature clearly sets the STRIKER VG apart from the competition. A carefully
calibrated and field tested Strobe frequency equips the user with an effective
Non-Lethal weapon. The high output strobe may incapacitate the aggressor
by disorienting and momentarily blinding them. This window of time can
give you a decided advantage in subduing, apprehending or escaping an

Striker VG Collimated Lens

Enlarge Collimated Lens image


STRIKER VG boasts a unique optic. In order to project the maximum amount
of light possible from the Luxeon 3 watt LED, a custom designed“collimator
lens” was developed. Reflectors simply do not deliver high out put from
an LED. Most of the light is lost from the front of the LED, resulting
in a weak “hot spot” or beam. Our patented, high efficiency collimator
lens achieves an outstanding 95% efficiency factor. The result is unsurpassed
light intensity making the STRIKER VG one of the world’s brightest LED
flashlights currently available in its class.

Striker VG Head

Enlarge Head image


STRIKER VG body is made from high grade T-6 Billet Aircraft grade aluminum.
It features a textured finish and high grade “hard” anodizing and finally,
a special non-slip coating is applied to every STRIKER VG. Each unit is
serial numbered for quick identification and uniqueness.


STRIKER VG comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.
Misuse or tampering with the flashlight will void the warranty. It is Available from the UK Distributor

give the Striker VG 4.5 Stars (out of 5) which is bloody good.

Goodsphere Bubble

Have you tried the Goodsphere Revitalizer Bubble yet?.

I saw them originally at a Trade Show earlier in the year, and had to have one. The fruity aromas coming from that stand were just georgeous. Much better than the smells coming from some of the other stands. The exibitors had been there for three days or more.

Here is a bit of information about them. Mine is running on the table next to my desk. The Essence I am using is called "Filtering Sunlight" which is Lemon and Citrus essence. Very relaxing and cooling in this clammy heat.


Blue LED Goodsphere Bubble

How The Revitalizer Bubble Works

Clean air is essential for optimal health and well being. You might not be able to see them, but pollutants like dust, mould, smoke and other chemicals build up in the air in our homes, with harmful effects for our health. When we breathe them in, they make the symptoms of asthma and allergies much worse and can make us feel  run down.

That's why simply cleaning the air in your home can bring such huge benefits to your quality of life. It increases energy levels, makes breathing easier and improves sleep and concentration levels. And for asthma and allergy sufferers it can greatly relieve the symptoms that make life unpleasant.

Led Plate 

Where the Bubble is used

The Goodsphere Bubble can be used almost anywhere.

In your kitchen it works to neutralize lingering cooking smells, in your lounge room it counteracts the smell and harmful effects of tobacco smoke, and in the bedroom it helps promote a better night's sleep. It's also great for babies and kids' rooms, and anywhere your pets sleep (as long as it not within reach of the dog or child, or you will be buying a replacement bowl in no time).

The Goodsphere Bubble's purifying and freshening effects are beneficial in environments outside the home too. In hotels, bars, Poker Rooms, Pool Halls, Pubs and restaurants it counteracts the unpleasant side effects of smoke and removes food smells and musty odours.

TIP 1: If the room smells moldy and musty, try having a wipe around with a cloth and some disinfectant first. No good smelling nice if the place is filthy.

In offices, conference centres and retail outlets, it helps create a welcoming atmosphere and in gyms, and hair and nail salons it's useful for removing strong odours such as Acrylic, Varnish remover, farts etc...

Revitalizer Bubble

TIP2: Do you know someone who's Granny is in a Home? The Bubble will be perfect for removing the Cloying Smell of Incontinence, Vomit and even Death (in some cases)


The Bubble

Goodsphere's unique air cleaning system is in a unit almost 50% per cent smaller than the original Revitalizer system. The Bubble effectively purifies and revitalizes areas of up to 400 square feet - perfect for smaller living areas such as a child's bedroom or a compact galley kitchen.

Like the original, the Revitalizer Bubble combines the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils, and also functions as a humidifier and ioniser, moisturising the air and generally having a positive effect on the way you feel. The Bubble now has a more stylish look with an attractive white plug and lead, plus a handy on/off switch on the lid.

TIP 3: Some heavy smokers find that while using the Goodsphere Bubble, they can almost forget that they reek of stale cigarette smoke. Great for places full of smokers who want to enjoy a smoke, without the nasty, stale smell hanging around.


The Goodsphere essence range has

been created according to the principles of aromatherapy to gently improve your mood and general wellbeing. Because they contain anti-bacterial properties, the essences also work to effectively neutralize bacteria in the air for up to twenty-four hours at a time.

TIP 4: Funeral Homes are so much more inviting with the Sunny scent of Apples wafting through the chill air.


Aromatherapy is the use of scent to balance moods and emotions. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their beneficial effects on our moods and emotions. Each scent has distinctive therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties. Some like rose are soothing and calming and can help relieve stress and tension, while others like lavender are stimulating and invigorating, ideal for when energy levels are low.

TIP 5: Got a Flatulance Problem? Can't keep it in? Got a Collegue in the next cubicle who reeks? Stick a Bubble on your desk and you will be transported in to a World of Fruity Joys where Calm and Pleasant Odours are King.

You can find the Goodsphere Bubble and the French Essences at and Most good Health Stores.