Friday, May 12, 2006

Save the Dance Academy

The Dance Academy in Plymouth, UK has been closed because of people allegedly dealing and taking drugs. Well that's new in a Club. I never heard of that before, people taking drugs in a club. Hmm, I am shocked and amazed.

Does it not interest the raiding parties that owner of the club, management, promoters & staff do everything that is possible to keep Drugs out. That they try to run a tight ship and operate a Zero Drug tolerance Policy, and that during the Raid, No drugs were found?

There are probably more Drugs dealt and consumed in the Government (at least their Kids anyway), than a West Country Club.

OK, I know, Drugs are Bad. Especially those NON Taxed Drugs (Amen Bill), they are the ones that will kill you. Blame everything on E's, how do you think Two Jags got Two Shags? Not for his looks. He probably slipped her a Micky.

But come on, closing a one of the best clubs in the Country is madness.
Will this stop the dealers? Or will they just go back to selling the stuff in the schools & playgrounds, to your kids rather than consenting Adults who do know better.

Keep out the Dealers, By All Means.
But Save the Dance Academy, please.

There is a Petition you Can Sign to Save the Dance Academy, they would really appreciate your Support.
You can also see who has signed it already.

Please pass this on to everyone you know, who cares about clubbing and our Dance Scene.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

GlowGadgets Goes White, Finally. is going through more changes. When the site first started in 2001, I did the Black Background, Brightly coloured words thing, which showed what an ignorant amateur I was at website design. (OK, I am still an amateur.)

I thought it looked cool, but for some people out there, it was impossible to read. I had hundreds of pages the same, and no way to change them (unless I did each one at a time, which I did, eventually)

This is because I want to make GlowGadgets better for you to shop and browse, and easier for me to keep tabs on everything. Making sure you get the best service and product information I can give.

For the last 5 years GlowGadgets has continued to grow, some things have worked for the site, and some haven't.

What GlowGadgets needed was streamlining, though I was finding it very difficult, as it had grown into such a huge site. The only way I could make it easier to work with, was to build a PHP store.

I found out about OSCommerce a couple of years ago, but was having a hard time getting my head around it. That got abandoned, just another daft idea blowing in the wind.

Then I heard about CreLoaded, a version of OSC that has all the best bits preinstalled. All I had to do was install it to my server, and Bobs my uncle, Fanny's my Aunt.

That's when the hard work really started, I had a template and I need to get it looking how I wanted it (we are still not there) But what I found was even though I can't get it to look right . I have got the Funtionality sorted.

The Shopping Cart works, and I am so chuffed. It still looks like I did it, and I am pretty useless. But it works and the orders are finally coming in on the New Shopping Cart.

For a While, I thought it was going to be another waste of time (lots of time) but, I did it.

I would like to Thank Everyone
who has help with the Development of the OSC and The CreLoaded Version of the years, and everyone who had provided helpful advice thoughout the Support forums.

All I did was search for the Question someone else had asked. I never had to post once, to find out what I needed. Thanks, you guys rock. Without you, I would still be scratching my head and spending 4 hours a day on the phone, taking orders.

Now customers can Create an Account, Track their Order, Reorder at the click of their mouse, Make Secure Payments, Send Birthday gifts to friends and Family thanks to the Reminder function. And loads of other features that ultimately make things easier for us both.

Checkout the New - Yes its a Change in Progress, but what a Change!