Friday, December 29, 2006

11 Days to CES and Counting...

I'm getting excited, it's that time again. When Geeks and Freeks unite.
To walk miles and miles looking for the newest gizmos and dopest gadgets.

You can tell by my blog, I am more a doer, than a writer about doing.
But I promise I will try harder this time.

I have my Blackberry Pearl by my side and I hope to bring you snippits on the show and what I find there, as it happens. Or, when I get round to it. If, I remember...

Let me see if I can get this to work, there should be a post to follow, from my phone.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pure Digital Radio Plan WiFi

Had a nice chat the other day with a man from Pure. You know the folks who make crackin DAB radios, the Evoke, Elan, The Bug, Legatto etc..

He tells me that we can expect to see WiFi being added to the range in the 3Q of 2007.

What does this mean, i'll tell you:

Internet Radio Streamed around your home, that's what. Yes, it is being done now with the likes of A&E, Goodmans etc but not what Pure have in mind.

All the ReVu features of the Elan, also with input/output for streaming to and from another Radio. Do you get me?

Pure Radio in Bedroom with MP3 player connected streaming sounds to Radio in Garden. Or whatever you want to plug in.

Like a Slim Devices set up, without the layout. Just add £30 per radio for the wifi.

Now that would almost make me want a DAB radio.
Or would I wait for a Worldspace Satellite radio or a Digital Radio Mondiale Shortwave Receiver. Hmmn?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Dareway? YES Way!

OK, a quick update. The Dareway has been the bain of my life for the last few weeks. Everyone who was quick, got one, anyone who wasn't quick, didn't. The phone has not stopped, customers asking if they could have one or not.

One customer offered me an extra £100 if I could get one to him before the weekend. I just couldn't help him.

I have just had confirmation
that I will be receiving a new shipment of Dareway next week. The stock is not inexaustable, but whoever pre-orders will get one by the end of the month.

Pre-Order now, if you must you can always cancel the order, but at least you will know that you are going to get one. There may be some available after the Dareway arrive, but judging by last time, there may not.

Get your Dareway at

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Driving me insane

Its no good, I have to get out of the office. The phone is ringing non stop, customers asking about the Dareway. Here are the answers everyone wants, make up your own question... (and I thought having a freephone number was a good thing!)

+ Yes, I have sold out of Dareway
+ It goes about 5mph
+ No you don’t need a license
+ yes its for kids
+ yes its 12V
+ yes it is Guaranteed
+ yes Streetgliders are adjustable
+ yes you can use Solo Electron
+ no you can’t use Amex
+ no you can’t do your shopping on them
+ yes I am Doc
+ no I don’t want to buy advertising
+ yes I dispatch same day
+ yes I can take your order
+ yes I want your money (and custom)
+ we don’t have a sales department
+ yes my monkey loves suet
+ no my barnacles aren't polished
+ yes I can gargle peanut butter
+ why, pink of course
+ inside out and upside down
+ slightly rounded with a hard shell
+ long yet satisfying
+ you should have gone to specsavers
+ you can do it, if you b&q it
+ more reasons to shop at...
+ what has a hazelnut in every bite?
+ I know you needed a wee, I can see that
+ get down off that table
+ have looked inside your ears?
+ does my mum look big in this
+ what is the point
+ what you looking at
+ stressed out? Have a barclays.

Ho hum...

There is only so much crap I can type on my phone with one finger before I get pains.
at least I have calmed down now. Cummon, bring it on :o)

Full time customer service people, I salute you. BTW, nearly all the answers are on the website. Go figure...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Orb Base Station & The Orb Satellite

COMING SOON from the makers of Laserpod

Both the Orb Base Station and the Orb Satellite will operate in the same manner as the original Laserpod: Red Lasers, Blue LED's, Rotating Crystal etc...

The Orb Base

The major difference is non of the extras such as diffuser, domes etc and the body is made of plastic, so no expensive Aluminium shell. Instead you get adaptable cosmic lighting and an affordable price.

The Orb Base Station is an entirely practical solution, basically a frog eye housing offering multi directional projection and the capability of wall or ceiling mounting.

The Orb Satellite takes a more iconic form and stands on three antenna. The angle of projection can again be manipulated by varying the heights of each antenna. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the worlds first artificial satellite, the former Soviet Union's Sputnik, and this model is set to become an international best seller.

The Orb Satellite

The Laserpod Orb Base and Orb Satellite are expected to retail at £39.95 each and will be available in time for Christmas.

And as always, you will be able to order them directly from &

Friday, August 18, 2006

Selling Advertising Space Must Suck

Ring Ring (I have a phone that does actually ring, wierd huh?)

ME (Polite) " Hello GlowGadgets, Doc Speaking"

CALLER " Hi can I speak with Chris Taylor please"

ME (Huh, Who's this?) " Speaking, How can I help you?

CALLER (Very Animated) " How are you Chris? I have been looking at your website and I am really impressed with the great gadgets you have there, I would like to order a few of those products myself"

ME (Maybe he's an over friendly customer)" Centainly, which products can I interest you in today?"

CALLER "I'm not too sure, I just need to ask you a few questions"

ME " Sure, fire away"

CALLER " How's business doing? Do you get many sales"

ME "We do alright thanks, how can I help you today?"

CALLER "You must advertise to get all your customers"

ME (Curious) " What are you selling?"

CALLER " I'm not selling anything, well not anything that wouldn't bring you a fantastic return on your investment. You would like to have more qualified customers visiting your website and spending more than they do now, wouldn't you?"

ME (Slightly annoyed) " Well there is only so much I can do and I don't want to be over run with customers, I am perfectly happy the way it is thanks"

CALLER " You do want your company to be sucessful don't you, we can help you grow and bring many more customers to your website"

ME " I'm not interested in doing any paper advertising thanks"

CALLER "Oh no, we have a the busiest and best Gadget website in the UK, we get 1000,s of visitors a week looking for your products. We could send them to and watch your profits grow"

ME (Slightly interested again) "Oh!"

CALLER " Are you sitting by a computer that's online at this moment?

ME (Duh!) "Yes"

CALLER " Visit our site www.******, see those links to shops on the left hand site of the page, those are the most clicked on links, aside from the image links on the right. The card rate for one of those is £200 a month, but I can do you deal and get it for half price of £100 per month for three months"

ME "£100 for one link, websites link to each other for free. You want me to pay for a link, are you mad?"

CALLER " Ah yes, but all our visitor are looking for your products and we can give you much better visability in the market place"

ME "£100 for one link, you are joking arn't you. What is your name anyway?"

CALLER " Marc, Marc Weather****"

ME "Well Marc Marc, I have never even heard of your website before and I don't think it would be worth my while. Now if you were calling from Engadget or Gizmodo then I would maybe consider talking with you longer, but I really am busy, sorry"

MARC "Oh but we have reveiws of all the latest gadgets and people come to us for our reviews. We could review your products when you advertise with us."

ME "So, if I had a link on your very busy website, what happens when I want a product of mine reviewed? Would you review it and give me editorial"

MARC " Oh yes, all you would do is send us the product, or products whatever you would like us to review for you"

ME (Sounds more interesting) " So you'd give an impartial review and link to my website for free. Would I get my gadgets back"

MARC " Yes if you really wanted them back we could do that. It's not free however, it costs only £250 per review"

ME (Choking)"What? I provide you with products for you to review, on your site, which is a review site. That I may or may not get back, and I have to pay you for the pleasure of providing you with content"

MARC "Yes, but you would get a lot of exposure"

ME "No really, I have a lot to do here, I have listened to you and I don't think that is something I want to do right now. I am adding new products to the website and I don't feel like I should be paying for advertising that may or may not work, thanks anyway. I really have to go, I have customers to look after and your call is hogging the line. By the way, which number did you call?"

MARC "Er, the 0800 number..."

ME "So this call is costing me money too. Thanks Marc, all the best with your site. I will carry on as I am"

MARC "Is it ok if I call you in a month and see how you are getting along"

ME "Yeah, whatever, I really have to go"

MARC "OK, Bye, I'll speak with you in a month"

ME "Right, bye then"

That was an edited and approximation of the conversation, it was no way verbatim, but pretty close

Every month he has called back and given me a different offer, last month I almost fell for this amazing package he offered which included "Home Page Ad Link" and "Shopping Partner" and possibly a review. I changed my mind last minute, I don't need their advertising.

Really I just wanted him to stop calling and if these other advertiser were doing it, it must be working for them. But there is only so much work I can handle. I am only one person, I do everthing. I don't want treble or even double the business I have now. I couldn't cope. I like it the way it is thankyou, working from home, seeing my little girls as much as I can and that is busy enough as it is.

MARC called again today, wanting to know why I pulled out last time, I said that "I had come to my senses, and besides my site is on every gadget blog there is out there right now, thanks to the Dareway, it just means my site is busier, it doesn't mean that these people are going to buy anything"

MARC "What? your advertising on them?"

ME " No, they have decided to write about one of my products and it hasn't cost me penny"]

MARC " "

ME " Hello, are you there?....Hello?... The F***ers hung up on me"

Marc Weather**** from www.****** don't bother calling again. You have wasted enough of my time, even me writing all this may be a waste of time. But if it helps one person with a small business, it has been worth it. Cold callers and canvessers, how do you feel being rejected all the time? Why not try doing something useful and stop bothering people who are trying to get work done. You are time wasting Jerkoffs who should really take a good look at what you are doing with your pathetic life and Sort Yourself Out, and stop bugging me. And I mean that in a nice way of course.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Doc's Gadget Website Advice

I received an email at the weekend, not that unusual, this one was different:

Hi Doc,

Just a quick email, I'm currently in the process of starting my own gadgets website. I have been researching other gadget companies and came across yours tonight.

I was amused to read your story of how you got to where you are today because it's pretty much the same thing as me, babies!! our first is due today (but holding on still...) and my fiancée is hassling me about giving up work and focussing all of my sales and marketing experience into our website.

I would really appreciate any pointers you could give to help me avoid some of the common mistakes, I never anticipated just how much work this would take and I don't think anyone really understands, they all think I sit at my PC playing games all night lol!!

I really appreciate your time and hope you have continued success for many years to come and that neither of us ever need go near an office again!




Hi Martin,

Nice to hear from you, I will have to make this short as I have loads to do, but...

1/ Spend as much time with your family as possible, and make sure they know that when you are busy to be left alone. That way you can get whatever it is done quicker, to spend time with them.
Have a cut off point, like mine 7am get the girls washed, dressed, fed, out the door. 9am get to work, though if the girls are sorted, it can be as early as 8am to 5pm at the post office and finished. Time for family. Chat, play watch Cbeebies. Get them to bed, read stories, they're asleep. Get more work done, usually on the website, adding products, tweaking this, answering emails from the States, completing orders. This goes on till 10 or 11 every night. No one else is going to do it.

2/ Don't give anyone credit, and if they want samples, let them pay for it. You're not a charity. Useless you have very deep pockets or the backing of a friendly bank manager, then go for it..

3/ Conversely, try to be generous with needy causes, but without hurting your pocket.

4/ Prices wars, don't do it. You don't know how little your competition is paying for the product, or how much they are losing. Work out your bottom line and never go under it, unless you want to pay for it later.

5/ Content sells, the more information you can give, the more likely they will buy, you have answered all the questions.

6/ Transparency, let your customers know all about you, you are the business and they are giving you their money, let them know who you are.

7/ Be contactable, even when it is unreasonable. You will only get the odd weirdo calling you at 3am, but usually they have a big order and tell all their friends.

8/ Don't waste money on Paper Advertising, magazines etc.., or anyone who claims they can get you at the top of the search engine listings. Bollocks, they lie and you will pay through the nose for it. You need content, lots of information about the product will be picked up by the search engines. But do not Spam. (Think of the Python Song, how repetitive and annoying. That's what Web Spiders think of overused keywords and will cut you off in the blink of an eye)

9/ Sell what you love and know what you sell. Don't stock it just because someone says it's a winner, if you are not sure, forget it and move on. You will be stuck with it. If you love it, sell it. If you hate it, let your competition try to sell it.

10/ Be a man of your word (even though deep down you wish the complainers and moaners would just go away), if you said you will refund, replace, exchange whatever, just do it, and with a big smile, and sometimes give them extra. You will feel good doing it and they will spread the word. Even the ones who are taking the piss will be amazed.

11/ Always send by Recorded Delivery Or Special Delivery, NEVER just stick it in the post. It may get there, it may be abducted by aliens. The customer may forget to mention that it has arrived and may ask you to send another. You have no proof of delivery, you may as well bend over in the park at night time with your pants down.

12/ Stick your company name and your address on everything you send.

13/ What, there is more? Yep...

14/ Freephone numbers are great, customers are very happy to call you and chat all day long about lots of interesting things. Try to be sweet, and keep it as short as possible, the call costs YOU money, and time is defiantly not free.

15/ Damned Excuses, I hate them with a passion. I am not interested in why you are late, why the product is damaged, who is to blame, JUST FIX IT. NOW. If you think an excuse is about to fall from your gob, stop it and say: "I am at Fault here, what would you like me to do to correct the situation?" OR "I'm wrong, I will make this right, and fast. Please forgive me, I am a Pleb"

16/ Get as much sleep as you can, but never more than 8 hours, or you will get stressed that there are not enough hours in the day to do what you need to do.

17/ Make sure everyone can see your website, not just users of a certain browser. And Keep It Simple Stupid K.I.S.S

and there is much more, but I will save the juicy stuff for my book.

Thinking of starting a business? Do your research & learn from the professionals and be prepared to work VERY, VERY Long Hours.

Good luck, Doc.

It's a Dareway, it's not a Segway!

The Dareway is available Worldwide from

3 Day Shipping to Europe - 4 Day Shipping to the USA

Dareway is Nothing Like a Segway and No Relation Whatsoever.

It is Loads of Fun and Cheaper than we first expected £129.99 ($240)
That's unless you shop at Amazon, they are Charging £229 for the same thing, cheeky.

Jane on the DarewayKerry on the DarewayRosie on the Dareway

Full Write Up and Instructions Below (Scroll Down)

Notice the sleek, silver lines, the futuristic style. This is not a Segway, nothing like it,

but if you havn't got £4k to spend, the Dareway is a lot of fun for a little money.

This is no ordinary Christmas gift, this thing is a riot in a box.

Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go.

Even my Postman wanted a spin, but I had to refuse him. He's a big lad and the Dareway is for Kids, and maybe petite adults.

Once you have ordered the Dareway, it arrives the Next Day looking like this

Dareway Boxed


It weighs 15kgs, so please bend you knees when picking it up, or you might hurt yourself.

As you open the Dareway box you are greeted with this sight

Dareway Box Open


It is at this point you may think "Oh heck, it needs assembling" Yep, you gotta build it!

Worry not, it's a piece of cake, let me show you

Dareway box contents


Lets just get everything out so you can have a look at the parts, there's 10 or so plus screws and bolts, plus a very easy to understand instruction leaflet. All you need to assemble is a Phillips Screwdriver and a little patience.

Here is the base, it has the motor, wheels, battery and big GO button. Not much good like this, but wait...

Dareway Base


Here they all are, just aching to be assembled. I must point out that even when you build it, it needs to be charged overnight. So wait until the kids are in bed, then get to work. It took me 45 minutes with little helpers getting in the way!

Dareway in pieces


The first part to screw on was the castor. Fours screws later it was on, sorted. This is easy...

Dareway Castor


What next? Oh, here we go. Hang on, that was quick. OK, I told you I had little helpers. I forgot to take a couple of pictures and I wasn't going to go back a couple of steps just to show you. Sorry. All you missed is the bit where I took the side "poles" don't know what else to call them. Pushed them through the holes and bolted them on underneath the Dareway base. This meant I had to have the Dareway on it's side for each of the two poles.

Dareway taking shape


Once the poles are in place then get the Silver control unit, the one with the two big orange buttons and fastened it to the poles. The wires are hanging down waiting to be hidden, ate this point I thought they would be visible, but they're not.

Dareway with handles


The black handles are a little fiddily, and you have to make sure they go on the right way round. Screw holes on the inside. This hides the top part of the cables.

Yes, I know, this is one of the pictures I missed. Here I fastened on the "Mudguards" and the attached the front and back panels. You will find that it is bet to put a screw through the top left (or right) of the front and back panel just so you can keep it in place when lining it all up so the screws will go in the holes. Put all the screws in lightly at first, so that you can get them all in. Then once in place, tighten up. Do not over tighten, why? Because that may be a bad thing to do. I went carefully.

Dareway looking ready


Almost done, see it's not much to do and this is probably saving you money. If it came assembled I am sure it would cost a lot more. I know I would need a lot more storage space that's for sure!

Here is the final article. The opaque strips are screwed into the front, the stickers ore on. And that's it for now. All you have to do is put the Dareway on Charge for 10 hours (before bed) and voila. You have something to play with in the morning.

Dareway Assembled


Let me show you a couple of close ups.

First the tires, they look like sold plastic, but they are made of some kind of rubber/plastic composite. So they are hard, but when you press them, they squish in a little. So they do have grip for concrete, tiles and yet wont ruin the carpet (if you have a carpeted room big enough)

Dareway tires


The foot well is plastic, I am guessing it's the ABS type as it is pretty tough stuff, but I wouldn't have all your mates round lining up to jump on it, unless your mates are all 10 years olds.

Dareway from behind


The Orange rectangle you see is the Battery Charger Compartment. That clips open in inside you will find the charger socket, it looks like this close up

Dareway Charge Point


And the Charger itself has a European 2 pin Plug with a UK adaptor. So if you are in europe and you don't mind paying around 100 Euros for delivery, then go ahead and get one ;o)

Dareway Charger


10 Hours pass, the Dareway is Fully charged. Are you going to let your children to be the first to try it out?

or are you going to have a spin before they get their hands on it?

Dareway from the top


Just be warned, it is not meant for adults, or at least adults over 5ft and 8 stone Maximum. Though I have to admit, I tried it and I'm 5ft 7ins and 70kgs but I didn't do it for long. I was too busy laughing my head off.

Our friend Kerry came to visit, she is a lot smaller that me and a darn site prettier, so here is a picture of her trying out your new toy

Kerry trying out the Dareway


She is laughing too. The Dareway moves a lot quicker than you would expect and Kerry had her finger pressed down on the LEFT button. So she spinned around a couple of time and got the giggles. It's not just her, it's my missus Jane too

See the look of determination, she's not going to fall apart, Jane will keep a straight face..

Dareway Jane


Or maybe not. I suppose crashing into the bushes is slightly funny. I know, it's another picture I missed.

Jane Laughing


We are all to big, we need little people to try this out. Let Rosie have a go, she's only 2 and a bit, so technically she can't operate it, but she can stand on it

Dareway being ridden by Rosie, well kind of...


Then finally the puppies wanted to have a go...

Dareway Puppies


But they couldn't reach the controls.

What's that? How long does the battery last? Well we never ran to the shops on it or anything, but it lasted long enough for us all to have a good laugh and then some. I reckon you could get an hour or two out of it, maybe more. And that's a long way around the house.

That's it, 24 hours in the life of a Dareway, it looks non the worse for wear and we haven't broke it, yet!

Dareway after several hours of punishment



"DARE to choose, the WAY you move"

Dareway Boy

Dareway is a revolutionary concept vehicle come to life, and at an affordable price.

Dimensions: 620 x 600 x 870mm.

Delivery Weight: 15kgs

Suitable for Children 3 years and older.

Dareway is the 360 degree rotational, Upright Electronic Transporter.


NEXT DAY Delivery Throughout Mainland UK is £10

N Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands etc.. Please expect to pay Extra for Delivery (Don't Blame Us!).


Box Dimensions are 65 x 71 x 39 cm Volumetric weight is 30kgs

The Power unit is European 2 pin plug with UK adaptor. Elsewhere will need suitable adaptor for your own country. UK 240V charge time is 10 hours - USA with 110v supply allow 15-20hrs charge time.

The 12V rechargeable Dareway vehicle allows full 360 degrees spins that make it suitable for limited spaces such as inside the home.

Dareway is equipped with soft tyres that allow maximum traction in all conditions and avoids scratching floors.

The Dareway's electronically

controlled motors provide a smooth and silent driving experience.

"For use indoors, or on private land (Tarmac, carparks, flat surfaces etc..) Not for use on Public Roads and Pavements "

Thursday, August 03, 2006

t:Clock tshirt - Digital Clock on your Chest

t:Clock T-Shirt

t:Clock digital time tshirt

Enlarge t:Clock

5 Things you need to know about the t:Clock NOW

1/ The EL Panel Measures 188mm x 88mm & is Stitched to the T-Shirt

2/ The Battery Pack uses 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)

3/ Available in Small, Medium & Large Sizes

4/ Must be Hand Washed Only & Ironed Only Around Panel and Wires (or they'll melt)

5/ You will Stand out like a Sore thumb wearing it, so it's no good if your shy.

t:Clock digital clock flashing

Enlarge Panel


"I like this tshirt a lot, the panel is smaller than the one on the T-Qualizer, so it is even less sweaty. Though the Battery pack is bigger, and a little heavier than its counterpart. So it does tend make the tshirt droop a bit when its sat in the pocket. So the best place for the battery pack is on the belt.

Time setting is as easy as a regular clock, it has a SET button though it is called MENU and an ADJUSTMENT Button to Change the numbers, first SECONDS then MINUTES, then the HOURS.


The Stopwatch function is pretty funky, you just hit the SECOND button, and STOPWATCH is ready, press it again and it starts. Press it again and the Stopwatch stops. Press again and it reverts back to the Clock.

The wires inside the tshirt do feel a bit weird (on both shirts) but once you get used to them being there, it's no problem. Afterall this is no ordinary tshirt.

The display can be switched off and it still keeps time, while saving batteries. I am told the run time is 12 hours, it may be longer, it may not. It will last a night out thats for sure, as long as you use decent Alkaline Batteries

Even when the Clock is switched off, the shirt looks cool (I think so) as the panel is Very Cyber and Looks great in UV light. Even in daylight it is a bright neon green panel (that looks like a circuit board).

Out Clubbing, at the Pub, Down Tesco's or at your Friends Granny's Wake, you are going to stand out. Just dont get paranoid when people you talk to keep checking their watch. Your'e Not Boring them, they are just checking the Time!"

You can Buy the t:Clock at


t:Clock T-Shirt from the Makers of the Famous T-Qualizer.


It's a Digital Clock on your tshirt and a fully functional Stopwatch. The t:Clock is an EL panel sewn into the tshirt and glows bright light green, keeping accurate time.


The t:Clock can be switched off to save batteries and displays the correct time when turned on again.

t:Clock EL panel bagged

Enlarge T-Shirt

The Circuit board display adds to the effect and looks great on or off. The Panel is UV reactive and looks amazing under a black light too.

Batteries Not IncludedTick Tock

£100 Winner & Runners Up

The Winner of £100 GlowGadgets Shopping Voucher is...

Thank you to those of you who sent in a Birthday Card, there were some funny ones and I have a Winner and Two Runners Up.

All Cards Entered Went into a Box and Three were Drawn at Random. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Drawn are as follows.

1st Prize Winner of a £100 Voucher to Spend at is:

Cosmic Lurve God

1st --- Debbie Leigh --- 1st

2nd Prize wins a £20 Voucher to Spend at is:


2nd --- Karl Laczko --- 2nd

3rd Prize wins a £10 Voucher to Spend at is:


3rd --- Nick White --- 3rd

Thanks for taking the time to enter :o)


The July Review Winner of a T-Qualizer T-Shirt is:

Barnendu Goswami's David 15 Review

Great Review Barny, thanks for that ;o)


Friday, July 21, 2006

Be Quick, You Could Win £100.

Win £100 for GlowGadgets 5th Birthday.

If You Hurry You Could Win a £100 Shopping Voucher,

and there has only been a Handful arrived so far.

Send a Birthday Card to arrive No Later Than the 30th July 2006.

The Winner will be announced on the 31st July. See Terms Below..

Please Send The Birthday Card to:

Happy 5th Birthday GlowGadgets

34 School Rd,

Frampton Cotterell,


BS36 2DA


Visit for terms

The Striker VG Flashlight

Digital Luxeon Tactical Torch & Non Lethal Self Defence Tool!

Led Logic - Striker VG

This is the most Awesome Flashlight I have ever owned, and for an Luxeon it knocks most Xenon's on their Ass. For size, throw, function and build quality, it's unbeatable. I believe the Striker VG is the new benchmark for all Luxeon Flashlights

FIVE things you Must know about the Striker VG

1/ Pure White Light

2/ Enormously Long Throw

3/ No Bigger than a Mini Maglite in Length

4/ More Power Effective Than Xenon Lights

Disorientating Digital Strobe

new STRIKER-VG LED tactical flashlight is exclusively designed
for Law Enforcement, Military, Border Patrol, Corrections and Security
and those civilians who desire a Non-Lethal Self Defense tool against intruders or aggressive attackers.

Striker VG Side

Enlarge Striker VG image

sets the STRIKER VG apart from standard flashlights is its extremely
high output
and realistic color definition. Color definition is critical
when searching for contraband or illuminating subjects where color identification
is important. This is accomplished by our specially developed, patented
optic that is perfectly matched to the up to 5 watts output Luxeon
and a Digitally Enhanced power management system with patented

The STRIKER VG a multi-faceted tactical illumination & lighting tool that not only provides optimal
brightness but also a uniquely programmed and field-tested high-powered
strobe light. This feature may momentarily disorient and temporarily blind
the aggressor. Ultimately, it may cause them to turn away, ensuring you
the upper hand to either Apprehend, Immobilize or Escape.

Striker VG Serial Individually Numbered

Enlarge Individual Serial Number


1. Powerful Strobe Light

2. Power booster to LED maintains maximum output as batteries diminish

3. Collimator Optic for superior distance and illumination

4. Luxeon LED with up to 5 watts output

5. Body is formed from T-6 Billet Aircraft grade aluminum

6. Two CR123 Lithium 3V batteries (10 year shelf life) included

7. Waterproof in 25 feet of water for 30 minutes

8. Shock resistant

9. Designed for weapons mount

10. Multi-function switch modes

Striker VG Closeup

Enlarge Close Up of Striker VG


The STRIKER VG is designed for multifunction, single-handed operation. The
following switch modes can be instantly initiated with single button operation,
which is extremely important in “on demand” situations. This is accomplished
through a sophisticated “Digital Microprocessor”.


Press and hold for any length of time for momentary on, release for off.
Perfect for tactical use.

2. Double Click rapidly for strobe at any time. Click and release for

3. Click once then quickly press-hold (~ 1 sec.) for constant on at highest
output, indicated by steady light.

4. Continued holding after constant-on activation (> 1 sec.) causes
dimming and give 2-3 seconds for the light to display the range of outputs
available, cycling through them repeatedly. Release at desired level.
Click and release for off.

Striker VG in Holster

Enlarge Holster image


feature clearly sets the STRIKER VG apart from the competition. A carefully
calibrated and field tested Strobe frequency equips the user with an effective
Non-Lethal weapon. The high output strobe may incapacitate the aggressor
by disorienting and momentarily blinding them. This window of time can
give you a decided advantage in subduing, apprehending or escaping an

Striker VG Collimated Lens

Enlarge Collimated Lens image


STRIKER VG boasts a unique optic. In order to project the maximum amount
of light possible from the Luxeon 3 watt LED, a custom designed“collimator
lens” was developed. Reflectors simply do not deliver high out put from
an LED. Most of the light is lost from the front of the LED, resulting
in a weak “hot spot” or beam. Our patented, high efficiency collimator
lens achieves an outstanding 95% efficiency factor. The result is unsurpassed
light intensity making the STRIKER VG one of the world’s brightest LED
flashlights currently available in its class.

Striker VG Head

Enlarge Head image


STRIKER VG body is made from high grade T-6 Billet Aircraft grade aluminum.
It features a textured finish and high grade “hard” anodizing and finally,
a special non-slip coating is applied to every STRIKER VG. Each unit is
serial numbered for quick identification and uniqueness.


STRIKER VG comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.
Misuse or tampering with the flashlight will void the warranty. It is Available from the UK Distributor

give the Striker VG 4.5 Stars (out of 5) which is bloody good.

Goodsphere Bubble

Have you tried the Goodsphere Revitalizer Bubble yet?.

I saw them originally at a Trade Show earlier in the year, and had to have one. The fruity aromas coming from that stand were just georgeous. Much better than the smells coming from some of the other stands. The exibitors had been there for three days or more.

Here is a bit of information about them. Mine is running on the table next to my desk. The Essence I am using is called "Filtering Sunlight" which is Lemon and Citrus essence. Very relaxing and cooling in this clammy heat.


Blue LED Goodsphere Bubble

How The Revitalizer Bubble Works

Clean air is essential for optimal health and well being. You might not be able to see them, but pollutants like dust, mould, smoke and other chemicals build up in the air in our homes, with harmful effects for our health. When we breathe them in, they make the symptoms of asthma and allergies much worse and can make us feel  run down.

That's why simply cleaning the air in your home can bring such huge benefits to your quality of life. It increases energy levels, makes breathing easier and improves sleep and concentration levels. And for asthma and allergy sufferers it can greatly relieve the symptoms that make life unpleasant.

Led Plate 

Where the Bubble is used

The Goodsphere Bubble can be used almost anywhere.

In your kitchen it works to neutralize lingering cooking smells, in your lounge room it counteracts the smell and harmful effects of tobacco smoke, and in the bedroom it helps promote a better night's sleep. It's also great for babies and kids' rooms, and anywhere your pets sleep (as long as it not within reach of the dog or child, or you will be buying a replacement bowl in no time).

The Goodsphere Bubble's purifying and freshening effects are beneficial in environments outside the home too. In hotels, bars, Poker Rooms, Pool Halls, Pubs and restaurants it counteracts the unpleasant side effects of smoke and removes food smells and musty odours.

TIP 1: If the room smells moldy and musty, try having a wipe around with a cloth and some disinfectant first. No good smelling nice if the place is filthy.

In offices, conference centres and retail outlets, it helps create a welcoming atmosphere and in gyms, and hair and nail salons it's useful for removing strong odours such as Acrylic, Varnish remover, farts etc...

Revitalizer Bubble

TIP2: Do you know someone who's Granny is in a Home? The Bubble will be perfect for removing the Cloying Smell of Incontinence, Vomit and even Death (in some cases)


The Bubble

Goodsphere's unique air cleaning system is in a unit almost 50% per cent smaller than the original Revitalizer system. The Bubble effectively purifies and revitalizes areas of up to 400 square feet - perfect for smaller living areas such as a child's bedroom or a compact galley kitchen.

Like the original, the Revitalizer Bubble combines the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils, and also functions as a humidifier and ioniser, moisturising the air and generally having a positive effect on the way you feel. The Bubble now has a more stylish look with an attractive white plug and lead, plus a handy on/off switch on the lid.

TIP 3: Some heavy smokers find that while using the Goodsphere Bubble, they can almost forget that they reek of stale cigarette smoke. Great for places full of smokers who want to enjoy a smoke, without the nasty, stale smell hanging around.


The Goodsphere essence range has

been created according to the principles of aromatherapy to gently improve your mood and general wellbeing. Because they contain anti-bacterial properties, the essences also work to effectively neutralize bacteria in the air for up to twenty-four hours at a time.

TIP 4: Funeral Homes are so much more inviting with the Sunny scent of Apples wafting through the chill air.


Aromatherapy is the use of scent to balance moods and emotions. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their beneficial effects on our moods and emotions. Each scent has distinctive therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties. Some like rose are soothing and calming and can help relieve stress and tension, while others like lavender are stimulating and invigorating, ideal for when energy levels are low.

TIP 5: Got a Flatulance Problem? Can't keep it in? Got a Collegue in the next cubicle who reeks? Stick a Bubble on your desk and you will be transported in to a World of Fruity Joys where Calm and Pleasant Odours are King.

You can find the Goodsphere Bubble and the French Essences at and Most good Health Stores.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Superman "Really" Returns

Since a Child, Forever a fan of Spiderman, Doctor Strange, The Punisher, The Fantastic Four, X-Men (all Marvel Comics & Characters), I was loath to be interested in any of the DC Comics offerings. I have no ideas why, it was a sort of Loyalty I suppose.

Then Christopher Reeve was introduced to me as "Superman", I remember listening to a reviewer on the radio saying in a slightly mocking voice that "He couldn't even see the strings to make Superman fly". I thought this was heresy and even though Superman was from the opposite side, I had to check and see if the strings were visible or not.

This was 1978, a time when the "Strings" would have had to have been coloured out frame by frame, by hand. This I had to see.

It was at "The Palace Theatre" on Blackburn boulevard where I decided to see the First Superman movie. The place where, as a Kid I had seen "Jaws" 27 times, "Star Wars" 13 times and Herbie Goes Bananas once, because it was shit.

I remember first the Titles and the Score. I was knocked out by it and was ready to see the big guy.

My life Changed. Really, it did.

Christopher Reeve was Superman, and oh how I admired the guy. How great he looked in tights, not in a pervy way, he just looked like he belonged in them. It was OK for this guy to wear his underpants on the outside of his Tights. He was Cool, Very Cool.

Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) was not my idea of a perfect woman (I was 11 after all), but I always admired Clark's Love for Her. I hoped that I would find someone like Lois one day (I did :o)

When Superman flew around the World and reversed time to save Lois, I cried like a good un.

I have never seen a Superhero Movie in the same league, ever.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Spiderman movie, Toby Maguire is great and it shows what kind of guy Peter Parker is.
Hellboy is another favorite, though I have never read the Comic, so what do I know.
The Punisher (which one) both of them where just ok'ish. I wouldn't waste time watching them again.
X-Men Very good, most watchable. Couldn't care less what happened to them though.
Batman, lets not get in to that one. I can watch them again and again. They are like Popcorn, I can shove it in, hand after hand. But it in the long run, it just makes me bloated.


Last night I went to the Preview premier (or whatever its called) of "Superman Returns".

I didn't see any trailers before hand, I had no idea what to expect other than my Favorite Actor Kevin Spacey would be in it as Lex Luther. I have seen images of the new guy, Brandon? Someoneorother, in the Cape and Panties and reckoned I will be in for another shite Hollywood Offering. After all, they are just cashing in on the Name and what with all the big super hero movies that have been going round lately, who blames 'em?

The titles started, I could feel the hairs on the back of my teeth. I am praying to myself "Please be good, please be good"

I need'nt have worried...

Superman is BACK, and his name is Brandon Routh. That's it for you now kiddo, you are the man. You are about to become a household name.
Kevin Spacey is EVIL and Funny as Lex, he can never do wrong as far as I am concerned.
Kate Bosworth, unrecognisable as Lois and quite stunning.
Parker Posey as Kitty shows how versitile she is, vampire bitch from hell (Blade 3), to half witted side kick. I think the big time is coming for Posey and she has earned it.

Christopher Reeve , who I always saw as being Superman, more so after his accident, would weep with joy. This movie is for him.

You Have Got to see it, take your kids, friends, loved ones, a total stranger, go to see it on a first date. Just make sure you have had a Pee before you sit down, and take tissues.

I was 11 years old again, sat in the Palace.
I didn't look for the strings, I know Superman is real.

The gags, the story, the acting, the casting, everything is Right on the money.

Respect to Roger Mussendon and Ann Robinson for casting the right people for the job.
I am not telling anything about this movie, just go. Don't think about it, go.

Superman Returns, at last.

Monday, July 10, 2006

We Moved Home

2nd of January 2006 - We Sold our Home.

26th May 2006 - We moved in to our New home.


During this time the whole family were trudging all our the South West of England looking for our new home, as our buyer needed us out as soon as possible, and we still hadn't found the ideal home for us.

We started off with enthusiasm about the houses that were booked for viewing that day.
After all we were in a strong buying position, We had SSTC "sold subject to contracts". By the end of each day we weren't so cheerful.

Our Estate Agent (or Realtor to some) forgot to tell us one important details that could possibly put us off the house being viewed.

Like the beautiful single story house with a very spacious floorplan, 5 bedrooms, 3 receptions rooms, 3 bathrooms, huge kitchen diner, double garage, drive big enough for 5 cars, a fully fitted annex and slap bang in the middle of Crappy Council Estate. Nothing wrong with Council Estates, I grew up on one, but there's always the one estate that no one will go near, it was this one.

Example: I saw a Policeman on the Beat, he came up to me and said "Sir, I would like you to accompany me to the Policestation"
"Have I done something wrong Officer?"
"No" He Replied, "I just don't want to walk around here on my own"

There were Dogs running around with legs missing, burnt out cars in front gardens.

There were so many Windows Boarded up with Wooden planks, the local Window cleaner would have needed an Electric Power Sander.

I surmised that the favorite movie for all the local 17-24 year olds was "the Fast and the Furious"judging buy the Street Jewellery (Vauxhall Novas, Ford Fiestas with lots of extra bits in and on them, like they had covered the car in glue and ram raided Halfords)

So we passed on that one, I am sure there were redeeming qualities and to be fair the neibours were very friendly and generous, I had no idea Crack was so reasonably priced.

Onwards and Upwards...

There were many more (Jane says she has shut them out of her mind, so can't come up with any examples, but I can)

:: A Dream home that had been on sale for 18 months, had lots of rooms (to many for it's size), all in the wrong places. Plus a tiny stairway with pictures hanging on the wall that we had to squeeze by without knocking them off)

:: A grand house on a hillside, the top of the house was the entrance, a clean and bright living area, kitchen etc.. Downstairs to the to Bedrooms, the Dark, Windowless, Damp Dungeons of Hell. There were no windows that side of the house as you would be able to see into the Slag heap next door.

:: The Beautiful Family home, with all the mod cons. Spacious, Light etc.. The Rear Garden was on a Slope so steep it, in winter it could be used by Freestyle Aerialists

:: The one where the old lady had died alone on the bedroom floor, and her putrified body had been found after 3 months. You know, without the lights on the stains were barely visible.

:: An Ideal Property, Everything was old and just georgeous, Big Garden, Massive Rooms, Motorway a 100ft away. Mind you, we were told that at 4.30 am you could probably only hear a couple of 18 wheelers per minute.

The list goes on, and on.

When it was time to move, we used a professional removal company, I couldn't recommend it more. They came to our old house on the Thursday morning, and worked all day to fill nearly two lorries with our stuff. Put it in storage until Saturday, when they came and delivered the lot in our new place. They worked hard, not stopping once until we had everything back, and in its place.

It gave us a chance to clean the place up before all the stuff arrived, rather than do the move all in one day.

So, here we are in our new home, 6 weeks later and it still feels like a holiday home.
There is lots to be done, but it's very liveable. We managed to decorate a couple of rooms and do the garden, that was so overgrown I wouldn't have been surprised if I found Sleeping Beauty out back.

Birds are singing, the neibours are all very friendly and welcoming and Me, 2 Dogs, 3 Cats, 1 Budgie, 2 Daughters and 1 Missus are Happy here. Just lets not move again for a while...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Save the Dance Academy

The Dance Academy in Plymouth, UK has been closed because of people allegedly dealing and taking drugs. Well that's new in a Club. I never heard of that before, people taking drugs in a club. Hmm, I am shocked and amazed.

Does it not interest the raiding parties that owner of the club, management, promoters & staff do everything that is possible to keep Drugs out. That they try to run a tight ship and operate a Zero Drug tolerance Policy, and that during the Raid, No drugs were found?

There are probably more Drugs dealt and consumed in the Government (at least their Kids anyway), than a West Country Club.

OK, I know, Drugs are Bad. Especially those NON Taxed Drugs (Amen Bill), they are the ones that will kill you. Blame everything on E's, how do you think Two Jags got Two Shags? Not for his looks. He probably slipped her a Micky.

But come on, closing a one of the best clubs in the Country is madness.
Will this stop the dealers? Or will they just go back to selling the stuff in the schools & playgrounds, to your kids rather than consenting Adults who do know better.

Keep out the Dealers, By All Means.
But Save the Dance Academy, please.

There is a Petition you Can Sign to Save the Dance Academy, they would really appreciate your Support.
You can also see who has signed it already.

Please pass this on to everyone you know, who cares about clubbing and our Dance Scene.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

GlowGadgets Goes White, Finally. is going through more changes. When the site first started in 2001, I did the Black Background, Brightly coloured words thing, which showed what an ignorant amateur I was at website design. (OK, I am still an amateur.)

I thought it looked cool, but for some people out there, it was impossible to read. I had hundreds of pages the same, and no way to change them (unless I did each one at a time, which I did, eventually)

This is because I want to make GlowGadgets better for you to shop and browse, and easier for me to keep tabs on everything. Making sure you get the best service and product information I can give.

For the last 5 years GlowGadgets has continued to grow, some things have worked for the site, and some haven't.

What GlowGadgets needed was streamlining, though I was finding it very difficult, as it had grown into such a huge site. The only way I could make it easier to work with, was to build a PHP store.

I found out about OSCommerce a couple of years ago, but was having a hard time getting my head around it. That got abandoned, just another daft idea blowing in the wind.

Then I heard about CreLoaded, a version of OSC that has all the best bits preinstalled. All I had to do was install it to my server, and Bobs my uncle, Fanny's my Aunt.

That's when the hard work really started, I had a template and I need to get it looking how I wanted it (we are still not there) But what I found was even though I can't get it to look right . I have got the Funtionality sorted.

The Shopping Cart works, and I am so chuffed. It still looks like I did it, and I am pretty useless. But it works and the orders are finally coming in on the New Shopping Cart.

For a While, I thought it was going to be another waste of time (lots of time) but, I did it.

I would like to Thank Everyone
who has help with the Development of the OSC and The CreLoaded Version of the years, and everyone who had provided helpful advice thoughout the Support forums.

All I did was search for the Question someone else had asked. I never had to post once, to find out what I needed. Thanks, you guys rock. Without you, I would still be scratching my head and spending 4 hours a day on the phone, taking orders.

Now customers can Create an Account, Track their Order, Reorder at the click of their mouse, Make Secure Payments, Send Birthday gifts to friends and Family thanks to the Reminder function. And loads of other features that ultimately make things easier for us both.

Checkout the New - Yes its a Change in Progress, but what a Change!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


"He who dies with the most toys wins" Right?

I'm not so sure anymore. I really think that I buy too much stuff I don't need. Like the Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse I got for my PDA. I used it 3 or 4 times, but it was more stuff to carry. So I gave up on it.

I knew I had to do something when I started taking a Bag out with me wherever I went.
Nothing would fit in my pockets. I was gettiung worse than (dare I say it) a Woman.

On the way out, my little girls were reminding me "Daddy, don't forget your Manbag"

What was in it:

Car Charger
Hands Free Kit
Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
3 Flashlights:
Led Lenser V Square
Surefire 6P
Striker VG
Spare Batteries
Pocket Radio
NC Headphones
Gerber Multitool
Fire Steel
Lip Salve
Vicks Inhaler
Paperback Novel
Write Light Pen
Drivers Licence
Bag of Pistacios
Bottle of Water
Bunch of Keys

Until my girls started calling it my Manbag, I had no idea I was turning girl guide.

I have dumped the bag and accessories.

So now, I just carry My XDA2s, Gerber and V Square. I feel so much lighter and I don't miss any of the other things.

I Improvise.

Car Charger (I use the phone less)

Hands Free Kit (if the phone rings while I am driving, I Ignore it! Really, I do. It's amazing I know. I mean the nerve of me. Ignoring a trivial call while I am driving a killing machine, how rude)

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (I use the Built in Keyboard, who would have thought of that. Me, that's who. I'm as sharp as a tack me.)

Spare Batteries
(Nah, My V Square is a super LED flashlight. It's low power consumption is legendary. If the batteries run out, then I've been gone too long and I'm screwed anyway)

Pocket Radio
(I whistle)
NC Headphones (I stick my fingers in my ears if the noise is too much)

Fire Steel (Why would I need to start a fire the bushcraft way? I will just ask someone for a light)

Lip Salve (I've stopped licking my lips. If they do get dry I'll use some butter. Just pop into any cafe and swipe some on the way to the bathroom)

Vicks Inhaler (If my nose gets stuffy, I will just have to blow it, hard)

Tissues (I will use the napkins I got from the cafe along with the butter)

Paperback Novel (I'll read witty slogans on the tshirts of passers by)

Sunglasses (I'm an Optomist, not an Optomotrist - If its bright, I'll Squint)

Write Light Pen (I have a torch, and nothing to write about. So that can stay at home. I can always borrow a pen)

Passport (I'm not going anywhere, I'm not on the Run, am I?)

Drivers Licence (I have never had to show it to any offical, but I have had to use it when hiring a Car from AVIS who charged me £68 online to hire a car in Portugal and told me there would be nothing more to pay. Then found out that I had been charged an extra £101 for a Litre of Fuel, after I had returned the car with a full tank. They say they are looking it to it. I say I will stick with the small companies from now on. When in Spain, I used Record Go and they were great.)

Bag of Pistachios (Ah, Nuts. I will have to do without. Or find some stray acorns and cover them in Salt, yes from that Cafe)

Bottle of Water (Find a Tap or a puddle)

Gum (I'll just chew my tongue)

Bunch of Keys (There is always someone in, I'll just knock. My car uses just one key, so I'll make do that one)

Now I just have to sort out that Junk Drawer in the Kitchen. Where did all the stuff come from, and will I ever need it?...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pleasure Craft

Pleasure Craft
Originally uploaded by glowgadgets.
Arc Audio have come up with this mother of all Pleasure cruisers. It has 12 x 15in Bass bins and so many speaker and amps I lost count after 30.

The boat was being towed by a huge 4x4 with the same sound system. See Gallery.

I know nothing about ICE but I saw the guys from Fast Car Maggazine creaming themselves over thse babies and wil be doing a 5 page spread on them soon.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

CES Final Day

Its the last day here at the CES and I have been too busy to write my blog.

I am sorry blog, but that is the way it is.

Over the last 4 days I have seen all kinds of electronic wonders, from 102in Plasma Screens to 3D Televisions. Cars, Audio, Batteires, Lights, Nik naks and Nakid Women.

Did I mention the the CES at the Sands was on at the same time a the Adult Movie Industry Convention?

Yep, Geeks and Freaks all in the same place at once. Very interesting to see who would accidentally wonder in the wrong area. Those Silicon Enhanced, Porno Queens kept on trying to sneak in to the CES to see the latest stuff. But the Security Guys wouldn't let them in. Was that a good thing?

I have put up some pictures on my Flickr site, just checkout ans have a look through, there is a bit of everything, sorry no porn queens.

Friday, January 06, 2006

AudioNutz BBQ

AudioNutz BBQ
Originally uploaded by glowgadgets.
How about one of these babies standing in the back garden.

Big pair of Nutz with a built in sound system and BBQ.

Makes Perfect sense to me.